About Emirates AquaTech


With the multiple and diverse types of developments the UAE has undergone, as a forward-thinking company, Emirates AquaTech is encouraged about the progressive nature of our advanced business environment.

Early on, however, we made a commitment to ensure the Company would always be at the forefront of the region’s dynamically changing economy.  With a massive construction boom, an expanding manufacturing base, and a population expected to double by the year 2020, the UAE – and Abu Dhabi in particular – is vigorously growing and diversifying. What it is presenting to the world is a vibrantly open, efficient and globally integrated business environment.

As a local company, Emirates AquaTech is actively involved in businesses set to thrive in the global market and the region’s diverse and economic climate, thus contributing to Abu Dhabi becoming more of an attractive locale for worldwide investors and major businesses.

How we turned a dream into reality

To remain at the forefront of this ambitious economic change, we tasked the Company’s innovative minds to find a way to utilize cutting-edge technology in every aspect of the aquaculture industry.

It was no simple undertaking.

The comprehensive task, as we envisioned it, was to create a sustainable aqua-farming solution to meet the  growing demand for premium caviar and sturgeon meat products. Part of the task was to build a facility where local sturgeon  could be smoked for the discerning tastes of the world’s population, not to mention saving the species for the long run.

As is customary with any forward leap, the process took an inordinate amount of time. That period was riddled with long and vigorous quality control setbacks to ensure production would be as exactly as wild harvested sturgeon, if not superior. To that end, the patented technology developed by a progressive UFT in Germany was employed. As a result, Emirates AquaTech was able to forge ahead to build and operate the largest controlled sturgeon-breeding farm in the world. Located in Abu Dhabi, the final stage of the plant is designed for a capacity of 35 tons of premium caviar per year and 700 tons of sturgeon per year.

In addition, UFT’s patented and proven advanced recirculation system allows for the cultivation of different species of fish under one roof. This patented process not only eliminates harmful substances but also keeps water consumption at a low level. Sustainable in every aspect, this advanced system allows for the capability to simulate a natural environment for sturgeon, at the same time ensuring that production is continuous without limitations typically caused by the seasons, weather, or disease.

Today Emirates AquaTech has, without a doubt, remained in the position of front-runner in the new technological phase of aquaculture. We have taken on the challenge of finding a sustainable and long-term solution to a global issue using the most advanced technology available today. By doing so, the Company has taken a giant leap forward ready to satisfy the ever-increasing market for extra caviar and sturgeon meat in the world.

Yes, the world. Emirates AquaTech has already turned a dream into reality.